Brockhampton Unveil "Saturation III" Tracklist

Brockhampton have revealed the tracklist for Saturation III ahead its December 15 release date. The LP, which is being billed as the group’s last studio album, features 15 tracks from the self-proclaimed boy band.

Although Brockhampton’s marketing claims this is the collective’s final LP, the group’s defacto leader Kevin Abstract has a penchant for trolling fans. Last week, he addressed his Twitter followers who were angered by the situation.

“‘Fuck you kevin’ I get it, you’re mad,” Abstract tweeted on December 1. “But the album is done and it’s coming soon. December 15th please know we tried really hard to make something we’re proud and that y’all could dance to or whatever happy holidays man.”

Whatever the truth is, this upcoming release will complete a very productive 2017 for the collective. Brockhampton’s notoriety increased this year thanks to the success Saturation and Saturation II, which were released during the summer. The latter peaked at #57 on the Billboard 200.

Check out the tracklist for Saturation III below.

1. Boogie
2. Zipper
3. Johnny
4. Liquid
5. Cinema
6. Stupid
7. Bleach
8. Alaska
9. Hottie
10. Cinema
11. Sister
12. Rental
13. Stains
14. Cinema
15. Team