New Music: Camden – Church (Let It Burn)

New Music: Camden – Church (Let It Burn)

In the history Hip-Hop there has always been a healthy exuberance for flamboyant spending and buying material things. From shoes and clothes, to cars and homes, rappers know how to flaunt their money. But, contrary to the norm, New Jersey bred rapper Camden is completely different and he’s proving it with the #LetItBurnChallenge.

“This is a social experiment about how our culture and society values money and whether or not a challenge could get people to show their true colors,” Camden said.

Backed by bass driven street medleys and combined with witty lyrics, Camden’s record “Church(Let It Burn)” is in tune with the best turn up records. But this song has a deeper meaning than what most trap music out today.

“The #LetItBurnChallenge is a form protest or rebellion against the control that the dollar has over people,” Camden explained. “The symbolic meaning the money burning is freedom and liberation from control under the the dollar. So many people have a problem with Amerikka, or Donald Trump, or other factions our government, but they don’t realize that ultimately they are slave to that piece paper. So we ‘Let it Burn.'”

In the spirit his rogue mentality, Camden delivers his most recent song as a social media experiment sorts putting this song in a league its own. In 2016 blood runs green in the streets America and Camden proved it with “Church(Let It Burn).”