No Hands: Waka Flocka Explains Why He’d Never Touch Hazel E

Rapper & Reality Star Waka Flocka Chats With BOSSIP

Lately, it seemed as if Waka Flocka had become just as well known for his f the screen drama as for his music and “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

The married father was blasted by his wife and co-star, Tammy on the show for cheating, and recently, Tammy said that fellow franchise co-star Hazel E tried to slide up in her man’s DMs after they got back together.

“It’s like, nice try,” Flocka said Hazel’s possible attempt to seduce him behind his wife Tammy’s back. “But naw, man. I don’t pay that any attention. I think these young people need to find something better to say.”

But the rapper is apparently taking all the drama to use as fuel for his latest projects: his new album, “Flockaveli II” and his new reality show with Tammy and their daughter, “Meet The Flockas.”

He describes his new album – which drops in January – as an ode to his alter ego Flockaveli, who is “just a wave terror in hip-hop,” Flocka said. “It’s an artist you can’t control. There’s no way to market me. It’s Flocaveli, Mr. I Don’t Give A F**k.”

One standout on the project is the trap-inflected “Circles,” about Flocka struggling to make it in the entertainment industry.

And he said his new Mona Scott-Young produced reality show, “Meet The Flockas,” will center around his life with Tammy and their daughter, Charlie.

“And it ain’t scripted either,” Waka insists. “It’s not a scripted show. This isn’t something from the network. We control all this. It’s about time that the people see some real reality s**t. Thank God for Mona Scott Young. She definitely deserves some credit. Even to get the opportunity to get on the platform. But it’s up to you how to you to be represented to the world.”