'Sgt. Pepper' Redesign Updated To Include Carrie Fisher, George Michael and More of This Year's Lost Legends

The iconic album artwork was reimagined to honor legends lost in 2016.

Early in December, an image surfaced on social media a redesigned album cover for The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; it depicts many the lives lost in 2016, primarily iconic figures in entertainment and culture.

While David Bowie and Prince rightfully earned a front and center spot, other key references from the past year are strewn in the ground below them. A "Make America Great Again" hat, for example, lies in front the word "Brexit," which is spelled out in flowers (in place the word "Beatles").

Considering the recent passing Carrie Fisher and George Michael, the album artwork has since been updated. It now shows an image Fisher, in her iconic role as Princess Leia, projected from R2D2 (Kenny Baker, who passed in August). Additionally, George Michael earned himself a spot somewhere between Muhammad Ali and Gene Wilder towards the front left.

View the updated artwork below, as shared by its illustrator on Twitter.