‘Vineyard Tombs’ , the new Beat tape from Jamaica’s buzzing beatmaker J X K E

Let me start by saying that this beat tape is fresh to death. “Vineyard Tombs” was produced in i’s entirety by promising and upcoming beat-maker J X K E, son Jamaica. We’ll let the man introduce himself…but do us a favor, press play and don’t skip, let this tape soak in. You won’t regret it.

J X K E:

Greetings , I go by  “J X K E” and I’m an 18 year old upcoming beat maker from Jamaica and I am hoping that the thewordisbond music blog will take the time to notice my music. My projects are usually instrumentals created from samples and some are remixes songs done by other artistes.  If you’re fans beatmakers and producers like “Ohbliv”, “Flying Lotus” and “Knxwledge” then you will probably enjoy what I have for you to hear. Most my tapes are named after various communities in my country because I think my surroundings influence a lot my music. Being a Hip-Hop addict from Jamaica is not really easy either, especially when everyone expects you to take the main route in life and do reggae music and dancehall,  genres which my country are popular for.

During my young years I grew up mainly listening to old R&B jams , it wasn’t until the my teenage years that I took an interest in producers such as Doom, Dilla and Madlib wonder among others. I’m just hoping you could take the time to listen to my sounds and let my craft be heard. I’m young and I’m still learning so I hope in the future to progress on what I already know and improve on my music.  I’m one part the three man Jamaican hip-hop  Collective “Nothing Above Music ” and I come from very humble beginnings in the small city Kingston Jamaica . I have a strong desire to peruse a career in this, it’s just always been a passion mine and it would mean alot y’all checked it out.  I would very much appreciate it.