3 Years Ago, The Ghost Inside's Drummer Lost His Leg In a Bus Accident. Now, He’s Back Playing Double-Kick Drums at Nearly 100%

After a near-fatal bus crash in 2015 cost The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk his leg, he never thought he would play the drums again.  Tkaczyk suffered head trauma, broken bones, and a shoulder injury that has required intense therapy to overcome.

Now, almost three years after that crash, Tkaczyk says he believes he’s close to performing as well as he did before the accident.  Tkaczyk was fitted with a new prosthetic, and his dad helped craft a unique device to help him drum without his missing leg (see above).

The accident itself happened bear El Paso, TX, when a truck collided head-on with The Ghost Inside’s bus.  The driver of the bus was killed, and other members of the group sustained serious injuries.  The tour was quickly cancelled, and the future prospects for the group seemed dim.

But Andrew Tkaczyk decided to keep the band going, despite the impossibilities.  That included the nearly impossible idea of playing complex drumming patterns. Tkaczyk’s involved drum kit featured a double-pedal bass drum, which of course requires two legs.

Or, maybe not?

Tkaczyk’s father pushed the idea of a reinvented drum kit to accommodate a prosthetic leg.  One of the early challenges for Tkaczyk was the amount of pressure needed to control the prosthetic.  That caused him to become very tired in a short time, and created lots of lag time.

So Tkaczyk’s father reworked the idea.

In a post on Instagram, Tkaczyk described his dad as a handyman and showed off pictures of the device his dad created to help him drum with just his thigh.

That post is from May 28th and Tkaczyk says, “I still have a long way to go before I get it 100%, but it’s absolutely the right direction to go in terms of playing as close to my full potential as possible.”