5 Best New Songs of the Week: Vince Staples, Leon Bridges, Jeremih

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Vince Staples, “Get the Fuck Off My Dick”
It takes a special artist to make a heartfelt declaration aesthetic independence that doubles as an ace-level troll, and Vince Staples is that kind artist. Beset by complaints from consumers that the EDM-loaded beat selection on Prima Donna and Big Fish Theory wasn’t doing it for them, Staples rolled out “GTFOMD” with an ingenious GoFundMe campaign — give him $2 million and you’ll never hear from him again — but the song itself turns out to be even sharper. DJ Dahi’s muted yet urgent beat matches perfectly with Staples’s weary yet alert lyrics. He’s going exactly where he wants to go, and if you don’t like it, he’s got some helpful advice regarding your own travel itinerary. —Frank Guan (@frankophilia)