50 Cent Responds To Troy Ave Calling Casanova 2x Pimpin Curly: "You Gone Just Do Like Ross & Keep Working" –

New York rapper 50 Cent is back on his social media bullying. The hip-hop veteran has hit up Troy Ave for recently comparing his feud with rival Casanova 2x to the G-Unit boss’ past Rick Ross beef.

Fif went to Instagram Friday (February 23) and low-key took a direct shot at Ave for bragging about taking the stand in a 2016 shooting incident.

Earlier this month, Troy Ave came forward to address where things stood between himself and Casanova 2x.

A few weeks ago, Casanova co-signed an anti-Troy Ave meme video about him possibly snitching on jailed podcaster Taxstone.

The same week, Casa went right at Troy for hinting at plans to possibly snitch on Tax for his involvement in a 2016 concert shooting.