A YouTube Vlogger Made an R&B Song and it’s Actually Good

Queen Naija’s “Medicine” may not be the first song ever recorded by a YouTube celebrity — who could forget Jake Paul’s experiments with sound? — but it’s definitely one the better ones. Since starting a YouTube channel with her husband, Chris Sails, in August 2016, the 22-year-old Michigan native has amassed a seven-figure audience by delivering regular reports on her exploits and relationships while also branching out into modeling on Instagram. They checked all the boxes for vlogging success: a talent for candid performance; good, but not alienatingly good looks; a recognizably vloggish sensibility (their most-viewed video is titled “CHEATING PRANK ON WIFE (GETS VIOLENT)” 8.3 million views]); and last but far from least, relatability. When Queen and Chris’s marriage skidded f the rails thanks to Chris’s cheating, fans were spellbound by a basic drama they could easily imagine in their own lives. And when Queen, in the wake the divorce, started a channel just for herself and left Chris (and their son, also named Chris) sole custody the main account, they flocked to it immediately. She has more than 1.5 million subscribers; her Instagram numbers are higher still.