Alto's Odyssey On iOS & Android: "Stunningly Beautiful & Best Mobile Game You'll Ever Play" –

Never have time for your major console games? Are you about that mobile gaming life? Want to play the most scenic and beautiful adventure on your fave gadgets?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy the newly released Alto’s Odyssey for your iOS and Android devices!

Reason 1: Immediate Start

The first reason you should buy Alto’s Odyssey is because how fast-paced but easy-going the start up is. As someone who has only heard great praise for the title from other reviewers and looked at some epic screenshots, there was a little bit skepticism before trying this out. Could all the hype be real? Would I suffer from having not played 2015’s Alto’s Adventure? Is there backstory I’m missing out on? Simply said? Nope! After buying Alto’s Odyssey, it downloads in a matter seconds and the gameplay is immediate. You’re drawn by the beautiful opening screen and in the blink an eye, Alto drops from the top the screen and the adventure is on! It’s something quite breathtaking and fun. No need for cut scenes or characters to remember. The game takes caters to both the first-timer and past player – because even past games can make diehard fans rusty if they haven’t played in recent memory. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON ALTO’S ODYSSEY!]

Reason 2: Simply Stunning

There’s really no other way to gush over Alto’s Odyssey than calling it stunningly beautiful and the best mobile game you’ll ever play. As someone who has always swayed away from mobile gaming and opted for the big consoles like Playstation 4 and even the Nintendo Switch, Alto’s Odyssey can compete with the best them. More on that in a moment – the graphics and scenery this title looks like something taken from a Hollywood picture or maybe even a museum. It’s really hard to pin down just how beautiful and vivid this game is. Simplicity is the key word but even the simplistic nature the game is complex with imagery, colorful tones which change almost seconds apart and landscapes you’ll fall in love with. This is the closest thing to Little Big Planet without the puzzles and silliness. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON ALTO’S ODYSSEY!]

Reason 3: The Controls

The third reasons Alto’s Odyssey deserves to be your next mobile game is because the easy controls. You almost appreciate your failures in this game with the positive messages “You’ll get the jump next time,” and similar expressions which truly make the practice makes perfect mantra ring true. Having played a couple mobile games, one the worst things is trying to complete big tasks with difficult controls. Whether it’s Madden or NBA 2K on the mobile device, these titles can be super turn-fs if you’re not willing to really learn the controls and essentially master them. That’s not the case here – within seconds starting up Alto’s Odyssey, you’ll master jumps, backflips and pacing – instantly. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON ALTO’S ODYSSEY!]

Reason 4: The Big Consoles Have Competition

The fourth reason you should buy Alto’s Odyssey is because this is the first game I can honestly say competes with my Playstation 4. For the past three or four months – possibly longer – I’ve had various new games ready to be played. Major titles. But just time and effort and finding a few free minutes to play on the PS4 have wreaked havoc on my controllers which are just eagerly waiting to be picked up and turned on. This new game is a game-changer – pun intended. In just the first 30 minutes downloading and playing, I’ve taken it on a car ride – waiting on friends – had it accompany me on the train and clocked in some serious gaming on the bus. Why? Because we’re attached to our cell phones and that’s where this title reigns supreme. The Nintendo Switch promotes itself with the ability to travel and play but where Alto’s Odyssey has the edge is being able to be played on the same device we can’t let go – our phones. To make things even better, almost giving you a Nintendo Switch experience is being able to put this onto the big screen with Apple TV. Having yet to try this, rest assured going from your phone to a 60-inch TV is a dream we can have come true. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON ALTO’S ODYSSEY!]

Reason 5: Zen Mode

The fifth reason you should buy Alto’s Odyssey is because the Zen Mode. Yes, it’s probably ‘boring’ or not as fun for many people but if you’re a gamer who takes missions, levels and challenges pretty seriously, it’s best not to try to take on big tasks while in-transit or in a crammed place – i.e. the grocery store line, on an overpacked public bus/subway or at the gym. For those situations, welcome in the Zen Mode – a feature which really serves as practice and lets you just go through endless desert perfecting your jumps, not having to worry about collecting coins or having to start over. If you crash or tumble – po – you pick right up right there. Oh – did I mention the game only goes for about $4.99? There are too many positive things to say about this title – especially the workshop area where you can use those coins you’ve collected to upgrade everything from your snowboard to your apparel. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON ALTO’S ODYSSEY!]