BlocBoy JB Is Still Hittin’ “Licks” On His New Track

BlocBoy JB is back with his new track, "Licks."


It's been a big year for BlocBoy JB and we hope that the same momentum he's built since the beginning of the year is carried in 2019. The rapper broke into the mainstream with the assistance of the 6 God himself, Drake, after releasing their collaboration, "Look Alive." While the song took off, the music video also helped his "Shoot" dance become the hottest dances in the world. Since then, he's continued to grind, releasing two projects within the span of two months, Simi and Don't Think That which dropped in October. Today, he returns with a brand new track titled, "Licks."BlocBoy JB is back with his brand new single, "Licks." The song didn't appear on his latest project, Don't Think That, although it probably should've been. The rapper serves up a piano-laden trap banger where he explains why he can't be a lick: because he is one. "Shoot like curry, homie/ Swish, I look like a lick/ How the fuck I look like I'mma lick when I be hittin' licks," he raps on the hook. It's a catchy effort from BlocBoy that continues the stream of bangers he's blessed us with this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more music from the Memphis native.

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