BREAKING: Google Bids to Buy Snapchat for $30 Billion

The tech world is sometimes eerily similar to Game Thrones. For a while the trajectory things seems familiar and you can guess who will win. You thought that for many months now Snapchat was on the way down as its stock tumbled, user base shrunk, and competition from Instagram grew. Now out nowhere, Google has reportedly bid to buy Snap.

Right there, the game will change if true. Now for those who laughed at Snapchat’s seemingly greedy founders turning down buyouts around $3 billion, Snapchat gets the last laugh. Google reportedly fered $30 Billion for the app. At this point, both Google and Snap are refusing to comment on the situation. Google will gain a real foothold in social media and Snapchat gets serious funding for R&D as well as data. Funny how Google’ Glasses are awfully similar to Snap’s Spectacles. Maybe someday soon we’ll see a combination the two.