BriGuel’s “Red Ropes” is Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

BriGuel’s pledge to save the last bit of humanity left inside very single one of us has come to life with the drop of their latest hit “Red Ropes.” Teaming up with BRBRCK and his genius ways, the NYC based couple introduced us to a myriad of genres, resulting in an awesome mash up that sends an important message to the world.

Fighting against everything that’s corrupt in this world, BriGuel sheds light on the misfortunes of humanity and the heavy destruction that’s happening to our world right now. BriGuel is joined by BRBRCK in a funeral type scene, where they’re all dressed in black and mourning our sad reality.

“The love is gone,” is constantly repeated throughout the song and it shows just how crucial love and compassion are when it comes to living in peace and harmony.

BriGuel’s latest updates can be found on their Instagram and Spotify.