CalTrans District 7 blaming up and coming Los Angeles rapper Swendal for graffiti turf battle –

It’s soiled, harmful, and tough. Spend a day with the ‘Special Sign Crew” from CalTrans District 7 cleansing graffiti off of freeway indicators as visitors whizzes by, and you've got fairly an appreciation for the job they do.

“Frustrating” is the phrase typically used, as graffiti and elaborate tags typically return to the identical indicators and the identical locations the crews simply cleaned.

Some view these tags as ”artwork”, they typically take time to create, however what additionally they are is felony vandalism that value taxpayers tens of millions a 12 months to take away. Sure they’ve tried to discourage taggers with particular plastic movies coating the indicators that theoretically make them simpler to wash, with razor wire, particular spiky steel sleeve wrapped on columns to stop climbing and even eradicating the catwalks which can be used to face on.

Swendal and the video they're linking to Graffiti turfwar