In today’s music industry, artists are focusing more on their sales, which is why they often use the most common shock factors. Did someone say naked women? Yes, sadly that’s what music has come to. Whether we like it or not, it’s easy to say that half naked women bring a lot of views. Why? you may ask. Well, the world is becoming more and more sexual and there’s no denying in that. While some women claim the right to own their sexuality/body, which is why they find it very natural to strip down for certain projects(aka Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Rihanna). Others on the other hand, claim exploitation and objectification though such requests from directors. Both possibilities represent a very different reality but nobody can deny that in the music industry, sex sells.

K.C Collins recently dropped his highly anticipated music video for “Girl Where You Been?” and it’s safe to say that it demonstrates the issue of this topic vividly. We see in this video a half naked girl, sensually dancing, while K.C is seen fully clothed sitting in fort of her and enjoying every minute. Whether this is something that empowers the woman in the video to claim her body and work it the way she wants, or represents objectification; there’s no denying that it keeps the viewer hooked till the end of the video. Not only that but it’ll probably make him go back and watch it multiple times. In conclusion, whatever the intention of the record company or the singer is, sex always sells in the music industry. Just watch Tyga’s “Taste” music video and you’ll see what we’re talking about. He has at least 50 half naked women dancing around the pool, while he’s fully clothed. The video got 229 Million views in just three months, and we highly doubt that it was all about the music…

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