Dr. Luke Scores a Major Victory in $40 Million Lawsuit Against Kesha

Dr. Luke Scores a Major Victory in $40 Million Lawsuit Against Kesha

Dr. Luke’s multi-million dollar defamation case against Kesha could serve as a major precedent against inexperienced, up-and-coming stars, PR firms, and lawyers.

In a major victory for Dr. Luke, New York Supreme Court Justice Jennifer Schecter has authorized an expansion of his defamation lawsuit against Kesha – real name Kesha Rose Serbert.

Judge Schecter will allow Lukas ‘Dr. Luke’ Gottwald and his legal team to present documents proving she planned a smear campaign against the famed producer.

But, what’s this case all about?

In 2014, Kesha filed a civil lawsuit in California.

Filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, the singer made several damning allegations against Dr. Luke.

She accused Gottwald of sexually, physically, and emotionally abusing her during their decade-long professional relationship.

With the help of her PR firm Sunshine Sachs and Kesha’s former lawyer, Mark Geragos, the singer made her accusations known in the media.

To pursue her music career, for example, Gottwald allegedly forced her to drop out of high school in Nashville.  Then, in 2005, he forced the singer to sign with his music production company, Kemosabe Entertainment.

Working with the famed producer, Kesha claimed he bragged about having sex with drunk girls.  She also stated Gottwald confessed he pushed his pregnant wife to have an abortion.

Finally, she accused Dr. Luke of forcing her to consume illegal drugs and gave her a date rape drug.