Driving at Burning Man This Year? You May Get Drug Tested

Nevada, the hometown state Burning Man‘s stomping grounds  Black Rock City, recently legalized recreational cannabis. Sales the plant are to begin in July. However, Nevada’s Bureau Land Management (BLM) has a different idea in mind.

The BLM announced in a statement this week published in the that driving at Burning Man while under the influence 10 nanograms cannabis per milliliter urine qualifies as a DUI.

Of course, in order to be pulled over there must be probable cause, though these are always interestingly defined and a bit subjective. The guidelines in the statement notes that erratic driving or the possession drug paraphernalia can qualify as this probable cause to be pulled over.

spoke with a cannabis legal theorist, Attorney Lauren Vazquez, to explain how she sees the situation:

“It looks to me like they are setting a standard for drivers on the playa. It does say probable cause is required… This is a rule making proposal and will soon be open to public comment and, hopefully, revisions. Knowing burners there’s going to be a lot talks…

‘It’s only on the playa, and it takes probable cause to search the driver by saliva or blood or urine. Just being at Burning Man is not probable cause — they have to smell weed, see you driving badly or see you doing drugs while driving before they can test you. So just sitting in line on the way out is safe.”