EA Sports' UFC 3: "UFC Has Put Together A D*mn Good Product" –

The time has come for the much anticipated release EA Sports’ UFC 3. Gracing the cover for the second consecutive year, the only UFC fighter to hold two belts in two different weights classes The Notorious Conor Mcgregor. If you didn’t read that with a Bruce Buffer voice in your head, you’re probably not a UFC fan. With the big release the beta back in November/December time frame, EA Sports felt it was time to drop this one on everyone. Oh and did I mention, Snoop Dogg is making an appearance in this year’s version? With that, here are your top five reasons why ‘IIITTTTT’S TIME’ you get out and cop UFC 3.

Reason 1: How Would You Become The G.O.A.T.?

This time around you go through the whole process from the up and comer in the lower circuits Mixed Martial Arts. How do you plan on getting on Dana White’s radar? Go the Mcgregor route and trash talk, or the ‘i let my fists do my talking’ route. Give it a shot and maybe you will become the next Anderson Silva or Demetrius Johnson.

Reason 2: Realism

After trying the beta, I couldn’t wait to see the finished product. This has to be the realest game in terms gameplay I have come across. Sports games are usually known for getting it right to the smallest detail and this one goes even beyond that point. If you like to throw hands, your cardio suffers on the ground, if you like to wrestle, you can break down your opponent in the clinch, but not have the strongest stand up game. So, choose wisely the type fighter you want to be.

Reason 3: The Fights

The fights in this one are fun. You have to have a strategy going in to every fight. No one style is perfect, unless you’re blessed with the hands Conor Mcgregor, and the freakish athletic ability Jon Jones, you better be ready for anything and everything. This game will challenge you unlike other fighting games you’ve probably played. The main part that needed some work was the ground game. Now the ground game isn’t as hard as it once was in the past two games. If you go to the ground, it’s still a challenge, but not one which will make you break your controller.

Reason 4: Snoop Dogg’s Commentary

Something new to take into account is Snoop Dogg serving as a special commentator in KO mode. Snoop Dogg was a commentator on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. KO mode is familiar to those who played UFC 2. The only way to win is by putting your opponent out D-Bow style. It’s one the popular ways to play amongst friends, and some the best knockouts from the game are highlighted in a piece UFC developers put together from all the fan submissions. What better person can announce someone getting knocked the f**k out than Snoop Dogg.

Reason 5: Closet We’ll Get To Fight Night

I was a HUGE fan the Fight Night series, then for some reason EA hasn’t made another one since Fight Night Champion. The UFC games has done their best to fill that gap for Fight Night fans, but as boxing is a completely different world that Fight Night, fight fans are going to learn to love this one. UFC has put a lot into these games and EA is reciprocating the level effort. Each year, from the graphics, the smoothness the gameplay, UFC has put together a damn good product. If you enjoy fighting games and a good challenge, UFC 3 is right up your alley.

Fighting games are usually hit and miss for most gamers. It’s all about those first person shooters and RPG’s now. Sports games usually don’t do much to add on to the following year other than updating rosters. But, as a HUGE sports fan, I love what this one brings to the table. Fighting games were never my style, but this one is so much fun from the get go. I love the challenge it, and the game play is fantastic. This game also helps if you enjoy MMA just as much. Strategy is big in this one, make sure your able to match or counter the style the person you are fighting, it makes a huge difference. If you don’t, you’re going to have Snoop on the commentary clowning you HARD AF!