Everything Meghan Markle Does in Her Final Season on Suits

With the arrival Suits’ midseason premiere, USA has hit the royal jackpot in what’s otherwise a standard legal procedural: Meghan Markle, a.k.a. Prince Harry’s soon-to-be bride, will leave the series after its season-seven finale, effectively putting her acting career behind to hobnob with the Windsors.

For royal watchers tuned into Suits for the first time to support the future duchess, here’s what you need to know: Markle plays Rachel Zane, an amiable and sharp summer associate who worked her way up the corporate ladder from a paralegal gig. She’s also engaged to the firm’s junior partner, Mike (Patrick J. Adams), after years a slow-burn romance. To be honest, Rachel is rather … meh. Suits is good, as far as basic cable legal dramas go, but the day-to-day thrills a Manhattan law firm can only get so wild, which means Rachel’s stories tend to revolve around boardroom meetings, filing cabinets, and occasional show-downs between distrustful clients.

Got it? Each week, we’ll dutifully provide a recap every notable thing that Meghan Markle does on Suits for the remainder the season. Let’s dive into Marklemania, shall we?

Markle-cap, week one