Fashion Brand Oh Polly Is Facing A Ton Of Criticism For Their Separate “Inclusive” Instagram Page

A Glasgow-based fashion brand that’s popular among beauty gurus and influencers is facing a ton backlash online over its decision to create a separate social media account for plus-size and minority women. Following the criticism flowing through twitter and the brand’s own comment section, they addressed the mishap calling it a “serious error judgement.”

Oh Polly, which prides itself on being created “for girls, by girls” was under attack after people online came across their secondary Instagram account, “Oh Polly Inclusive”.

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The account–which has since been deactivated–featured a mixture plus-sized models and influencers along with women from a range different ethnicities, which is vastly different from the women who are represented on Oh Polly’s ficial verified page, which is known to feature predominantly lighter-skinned, slender models.

Many people caught wind Oh Polly’s separate “inclusive” page when beauty guru and Youtuber Alissa Ashley posted screenshots to her Twitter page, criticizing the brand for their segregation. She posed the question, “What makes these women not suitable for your main page?”

A screenshot in Alissa’s replies pointed out Oh Polly’s explanation the separate page, which they explained at the time as being “Not just about posting different body types! This is about celebrating a wider range people in our community that are not necessarily pressional models or popular influencers.”

Beside this other Instagram prile being a bad idea, creating a separate page to promote inclusivity is obviously pretty contradictory–by pushing these other women to a different page, Oh Polly is doing the exact opposite being diverse.

After facing all this criticism, Oh Polly has deleted their “inclusive” page and also issued a statement to Buzzfeed News, apologizing for the situation.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Oh Polly made a serious error judgement for which we take full responsibility and sincerely apologise. We established a new page with the specific aim allowing our customers to discuss a wider range issues….We have a close relationship with our customers around the world and always value their feedback. Improving diversity remains an absolute priority for us across all our channels. We promise to continue listening to everyone in the Oh Polly community and, most importantly, learn from this mistake.”