Future’s Baby Mamas: A Complete Guide

An extensive list of the rapper's romantic entanglements that resulted in a child.

Rapper and Atlanta native Future is known for such hits as “Mask Off” and “King’s Dead,” but recently his name has been associated with an ever-growing list of baby mamas. The latest of which, Eliza Reign, alleges that she received threats to her safety after deciding to keep the artist’s latest child. Several sources supposedly texted Reign claiming that Future was looking to enact harm on her for rescinding her initial decision to abort. Whether or not these claims are factual remains to be seen, though one thing is for certain: the artist has a clear affinity for courting baby mamas. In the midst of this ongoing scandal, we took a look back at all of Future’s previous romantic entanglements that resulted in a child. So far, the count (both confirmed and alleged) stands at six.

Brittni Mealy

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It can be a bit difficult to sort through who Future is dating/copulating with at the moment, but from recent indications, his last relationship was with Brittni Mealy, mother to his son Prince. Mealy is an Instagram model and the founder of clothing brand Unicorn Universe, according to her bio on the platform. A few days ago, Brittni posted a lengthy paragraph to her Instagram story noting that she was “not with [Future] in no way and never will be again.” Brittni claims that they got back together after a split because Future “begged,” but there seems to be a discrepancy between the two stories. Future countered by saying “one monkey don’t stop a show,” suggesting he’s not concerned with the drama at all.

India J

There’s not a whole lot known about India, other than the fact that she has a daughter with the rapper. In a now-deleted Mother’s Day post from 2017, Future shouted her out by saying: “Literally, U deserve everything. I'm truly blessed to have u in my life, thanks for being a great mother...I love you.” This post would suggest that things are amicable, at least for the most part.

Jessica Smith

After having child together back in 2002, Smith sued the rapper back in 2012 to demand that he pay for the child’s care. TMZ reported that after a paternity test confirming the son was his, Future was ordered to pay $1,662 in child support a month. In a recent breakdown of Future’s exes, Wendy Williams noted that Jessica “refuses to reveal her identity,” which the talk show host mused was an effort to stay out of the “social media stuff.” It would seem that outside of court proceedings, Jessica wants nothing to do with the rapper. Williams' discussion of Future's exes begins at the 21:19 mark.