Game Reveals He Spoke To Cardi B Over Bloods/Crips Drama: "That's Dangerous S**t" –

West Coast rapper Game doesn’t want Cardi B to have to watch her back. The hip-hop veteran has revealed a personal conversation he had with her over now-infamous drama she generated over a Bloods/Crips-related social media post.

This past weekend, Game dished on talking to the rap star and said they ironed things out. The Los Angeles native also said anyone upset at Cardi could rest assured she didn’t mean any disrespect toward the Crips.

A few days ago, fellow West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle said B’s East Coast ties made her unable to fully understand the Bloods/Crips West culture.

Earlier this month, reports surfaced about Cardi catching heat and gang threats over a Crip-related Instagram post.

Subsequently, Cardi has edited the pic to make it captionless and banned commenting.