Iggy Azalea Has A New Accent Plus Other LOL Moments From Her “Fu** It Up” Video (In Case You Missed)

Oh Iggy Azalea…

How thou accent changes so greatly.

The Australian rapper recently dropped the visuals for her song “Fu** It Up” and it’s filled with more accents than a World Cup tournament.

Granted, Iggy is paying homage to a 1990s high school classic Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. So her accent in the video’s intro utilizes some sort Valley girl-Australian mix…clearly a long way from the Southern rap twang her early days.

Then, once Iggy starts chanting “fu** it up, sis” with Kash Doll (“sis?”…okay Iggy), her accent switches to some sort East Coast, New York-Philly mix?


This woman will have you confused.


Even her hair styles throughout the video are questionable. The colorful wet and wavy look has already been done to great effect by Nicki Minaj.

The barbz would gag…and not in a dope “oh she’s fierce” kind way.


You gotta give it to Iggy though…her production value is top notch. Aside from the questionable accents, appropriated lingo, and last season hair looks, the colorful video is quite entertaining. Plus, the beat is knocking.

And I appreciate anyone who acknowledges the greatness certain white girl comedy classics. Let’s not forget Iggy’s commendable visuals for “Fancy,” which paid homage to 1995’s Clueless. 



I guess, Iggy gon’ do what Iggy gon’ do as long as people support her.

Fu** it up *ahem*……….sis.