Key Glock & Tay Keith Snatch Bare Souls On “Since 6ix”

Key Glock and Tay Keith prefer dark room to full panorama.


Key Glock profited from a lull in activity to make his presence felt this week, but don't let that dampen your expectations for his latest major league project. The Memphis producer/rapper proves at once that he fluidly step into both roles without missing a beat.

On "Since 6ix," Key Glock makes his mentor proud. Young Dolph who brought him into the fold is responsible for making his introduction this year, a memorable one, as Paper Route Empire continues to churn out results - even as the country continues to sleep on the Memphis horror subculture.

"Since 6ix" isn't a typical evocation of the past. Key Glock for one doesn't care for nostalgia one bit. When he was "6ix" the World was a murky place, and it remains so, due to his unyielding passion for darkness. If you're sleeping on Dolph (how dare you) or Key Glock, this might be your last opportunity to get on board.