Latest Industry: Google vs. Amazon, NZ vs. Viagogo, Cinq, BBC, Spotify…

Latest Industry: Google vs. Amazon, NZ vs. Viagogo, Cinq, BBC, Spotify...

Google creeps up on Amazon in the global smart speaker market.

Strategy Analytics has found that Amazon shipped 4.8 million smart speakers in the second quarter of 2018.  The company now has a 41% market share.  Google shipped 3.2 million in the same period, giving it a 27.6% share.  With 800,000 smart speakers shipped, Alibaba has a 7% share.  Apple, meanwhile, shipped 700,000, giving it a 5.9% share.  Combined, Amazon and Google have a 69% share of the global smart speaker market, down from 90% in Q2 2017.

Left out of this equation is Spotify, whose lack of a speaker complement could become a serious liability in the future.

New Zealand takes on Viagogo.

The Commerce Commission in New Zealand will launch legal proceedings against beleaguered secondary ticketing platform Viagogo.  Regulators in several countries have criticized the Swiss company for selling costly tickets, even those it doesn’t have.

Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission took Viagogo to court last year.  In the UK, the Competition & Markets Authority has indicated it will also seek legal action against Viagogo.

BBC won’t appeal the Cliff Richard ruling.

The BBC has announced it won’t appeal a court ruling that found the broadcaster had violated the privacy rights of English singer Cliff Richards.  In 2014, the broadcaster had covered a police raid at his home over child sexual abuse allegations.  A court found the BBC’s sensationalist coverage damaged Richards’ reputation and ordered the broadcaster to pay £1.1 million ($1.3 million) in damages and legal costs.

Twitch goes after YouTube’s top stars with exclusive livestream deals.

Amazon has sought major YouTube stars and top media companies for its Twitch video platform, offering them exclusive live streaming deals.  Bloomberg reports Twitch wants to broaden its site beyond just video game live streams.  Offers include ad sales shares, subscription revenues, and lump payments.

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Another post-label label: Janet Jackson taps Cinq Music

Janet Jackson’s career was initially blasted by the major label system. Now, a lot of different players are squeezing into the label game, and striking seriously big artist deals.  That includes Cinq Music, which will be handling the latest release from Jackson and her imprint, Rhythm Nation Records.  Cinq is an indie distributor, label and publisher, and division of GoDigital Media Group.

British town council accuses Wireless Festival of inciting anti-social behavior.

The Islington Council in London has published a report supporting calls for a review of Live Nation’s license in the city.  The report highlighted the impact of the Wireless Festival on Finsbury Park.  Namely, the council found the festival causes noise, traffic, parking problems, street cleaning, and anti-social behavior.