Latest Industry: YouTube, Kilimanjaro Live, Dolly Parton, Quincy Jones, Dice, Vevo, RCA, Songtradr, More…

Latest Industry: YouTube, Kilimanjaro Live, Dolly Parton, Quincy Jones, Dice, Vevo, RCA, Songtradr, More...

Yet another YouTuber reveals artists and creators shouldn’t expect to earn a living on YouTube.

At the end of August, Toobz, a popular content creator on YouTube, revealed he earned just $389.07 after hitting a million views.  Toobz has around 5,500 subscribers and 1,631 videos on the video platform.

Now, The Fitness Marshal – real name Caleb Marshall – posted his own earnings.  His total ad revenue from October 2014 to today is $17,894.73.  He has nearly 1.4 million subscribers and 215 million lifetime views.

Marshall explained the $17,894.73 he earns is the gross take-home total.  YouTube keeps a sizeable chunk of that money, plus he pays the US government 30% in self-employment tax.  In the end, Marshall only earned $11,274.01.

Responding to claims he floods his videos with merchandise links and advertisements, Marshall explained,

Australians discover and listen to more music outdoors than on the radio, claims NightLife Music CEO.

At a Senate inquiry into the economic and cultural impact of Australian content on traditional radio, CEO David O’Rourke claimed people now hear and discover more local artists in pubs, gyms, shopping centers, and bowling alleys than on the radio.  NightLife Music, a subscription service, curates music for businesses across the country.

O’Rourke added that with the death of brick and mortar shops, the public performance sector has become the new music frontier in the country.

Kilimanjaro Live laughs off Viagogo’s hypocritical lawsuit.

After Viagogo sued UK promoter Kilimanjaro Live yesterday for canceling the secondary ticketing platform’s illicitly-obtained Ed Sheeran tickets, Kilimanjaro has responded, suggesting the timing of the lawsuit is meant to distract from the company’s highly-anticipated appearance at the UK Parliament tomorrow.

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In a statement, a spokesperson for Kilimanjaro Live said,