Lily Allen says Coldplay singer staged her intervention

Pop star Lily Allen has shared some details on the intervention Coldplay's Chris Martin staged during her darker days.

In her soon-to-be-released autobiography My Thoughts Exactly, Lily recalls one experience that happened when she attended a 2014 Halloween party hosted by actress Kate Hudson.

While there, she rendered herself unconscious during a drug-filled session, eventually being hauled to a car by Chris and escorted home.

According to The Sun, the 'Yellow' singer then left Lily a note begging her to call him. It was the next morning in which she realised the gravity of her situation.

In the book, Lily explains: "I'm not super-close to Chris Martin, but I'll always be grateful that what he did was say to me, 'No Lily, I don't see you like that. I don't want to f**k you. I care about you. I want to be friends with you. I want to help you'."

Elaborating on the eye-opening events that followed, Lily writes: "He and Gwyneth [Paltrow] had just broken up, but they were together in LA doing their conscious uncoupling thing. They asked me over for Sunday lunch.

"I wasn't very chatty with Chris, but he and Gwyneth did put me in touch with their marriage counsellor. I didn't go, but it was the wake-up call I needed. I realised I was ill."

Elsewhere in her memoir, Lily also speaks of the time she was sexually assaulted by men in the music industry.