Love, Simon: "After Seeing Moonlight & Ladybird, This Is The Newest Coming Of Age Must-See" [Grab Your Movie Passes Now!] –

Tired seeing the same movies? Need a great coming age film to see? Love highly-rated Rotten Tomatoes flicks?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go see the highly-anticipated Love, Simon movie when it arrives in theaters nationwide Friday, March 16. Be sure to read each reason and grab your exclusive screening passes right now!]

Reason 1: Coming Age Films

The first reason you should go out and watch Love, Simon Friday is because this is the latest film in the current trend amazing coming age films. Over the past few years, there have been a number standout and award-winning movies based on real-life issues and ultimately provide some those feel-good vibes. In 2016, we all received Best Picture the Year Moonlight. Last year, Ladybird blew everyone away. With 2018 just started, Love, Simon looks ready to contend for some serious recognition and major awards. After seeing Moonlight and Ladybird, this is the newest coming age must-see.

Reason 2: Book Adaptation

The second reason you should go out to support Love, Simon is because it’s based on a great book – Becky Albertalli’s Simon vs. Homo Sapiens Agenda. Although the title has changed, the essence the deep book is shown across the screen – at least that’s what is shown through the trailer. There has been a strong trend movies based f great books. Just this past weekend, Disney put out its A Wrinkle In Time and last year there was the super emotional Wonder movie. This film keeps the trend going and based f early reviews and promotion, this should be a perfect book to big screen adaptation.

Reason 3: Awesome Parents

The third reason you should go see Love, Simon is because the on-screen parents. Let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than not being able to connect or at least like the supporting roles and characters in a film. While the focus remains on Nick Robinson’s Simon Spier, seeing Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel play parents you could really gravitate toward and appreciate playing mom and dad. The days having cranky, old parents just don’t fit anymore. If you recall watching movies and TV shows back in the 90’s, there were always those out touch parents which forced a major divide between parents-kids. It’s 2018 and more than ever parents-kids connect super strongly. If Blac Chyna’s mom on Instagram or Jim Jones’ mom following in her son’s footsteps in the music biz aren’t pro, then just take a look at parents like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian being popular parents.

Reason 4: Rotten Tomatoes

The fourth reason you should go see Love, Simon is because the overall ratings. As Monday (March 11) morning – the film stands at a 91% positive rating. Tons over-the-top budget films have received less than friendly Rotten Tomatoes scores and Love, Simon easily has won critics over. If you’re the type who puts faith into the top critics giving you honest reactions and reviews new films, then the numbers don’t lie.

Reason 5: Pre-Blockbuster Craziness

The fifth reason you should check out Love, Simon is because it’s getting ready to be a massive blockbuster-filled next few months. Black Panther continues to go well beyond $1 billion box fice sales and before you know it, Marvel is going to unload its top-tier flicks from a new Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man & The Wasp to Deadpool 2 and eventually Venom. With that key fact in mind, venture into a true coming age film which tackles the subject wanting to conquer the fear coming out about your sexuality at a teenage age. The film looks like it’s going to be a huge tear-jerker and bring serious feel good emotions through the end credits.

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