Matt Lange Releases First EP From New Album 'Calliope'

Matt Lange Releases First EP From New Album 'Calliope'

Matt Lange – Punish Me EP

Matt Lange is a well-seasoned DJ/producer with a complex catalog music that continues to impress fans and fellow industry leaders alike. His talent to continually evolve his music into something substantial and surprising never seems to stop. Lange is expected to drop his new album Calliope at the end the year, but will be releasing it in separate digital chunks to build a complete vinyl album. The first piece to the digital puzzle titled Punish Me just dropped, and it’s a doozy.

Punish Me takes Lange’s dark melodic dance music to a completely different level. The 3-track EP is filled with dark and broody rock inspired undertones that immerse you in state raw, exposed emotion. The pinnacle  Punish Me, however, is the lyrics- written and personally felt by Lange. He commented on making the EP:

“I’m not going to lie, it’s been a ton work. Everything you hear on Punish Me is me. Every vocal, every instrument played, all production, the artwork, etc… Not a single hand has been on any this except my own. I’m incredibly proud it for that reason, and the completely uncompromising nature being able to work and express myself. The music ultimately is all about relationships, and quite honestly my life. Love and heartbreak, Aphrodite and Ares, distance and meaning, and so on. All’s fair, after all. Ultimately this became my own version therapy in processing moments my life, and not only just making sense them, but also learning from them. This is me naked (but not oblivious)”.

He is truly trying to connect with his fans in a new way by taking a new path creativity and expression.

“I truly hope this connects in a way that is meaningful for you. It’s incredibly important to me and I think you can hear it in the work. It’s personal, vulnerable, perhaps a bit challenging, and musically the most open version myself that stands on it’s own. For that reason, there are no club tracks surrounding these, and this isn’t designed to drive the side my career being a DJ. This is music for the sake creation, self expression, and exorcizing my own personal demons. I can only hope it’ll be accepted, digested, and related to as such. If you play it loud in your car, or isolate yourself with a nice pair headphones I think you’ll find it translates most effectively in those settings”.

Connecting on a emotional level with a DJ can sometimes be rare and hard to find, but look no further. The lyrics and deep melodies this EP with have you feeling some type way. Punish Me is only a precursor to what Lange has coming our way. All the lyrics are currently posted on his SoundCloud and Youtube channels. Stream or download the tracks below, and stay tuned for more releases from Calliope.

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