Move Bih: 7 Celebs You Wouldn’t Want To Be Roommates With

Having a roommate could be one the best experiences in your life, or one the worst. As millennials living in this economy, it’s pretty safe to say that if most us either live with our parents or share a space with someone else. According to the Pew Research:

In 1995, the earliest year with comparable data, 55 million adults (28.8%) lived in a shared household. In 2017, nearly 79 million adults (31.9% the adult population) lived in a shared household – that is, a household with at least one “extra adult” who is not the household head, the spouse or unmarried partner the head.

Sharing a space with a stranger has become so common place that some millennials fear that they may never live on their own.

@OhJuliatweets: “My friend from college lives in Paris and pays the equivalent $900 USD/month for a 1-bedroom can you imagine living in a major city that isn’t fueled by bottomless greed and extortionately expensive to the point where you have to have roommates until you’re 40 wow hard pass/”

Move Bih: 7 Celebs You Wouldn’t Want To Be Roommates With

@KaleBHorton: “Boomers love to tell millennials that they should be thrilled to work 14 hour days in exchange for the privilege getting their ass kicked all day by impotent old dudes named either Jim or Mark and going home to a studio apartment with 19 roommates.”

Don’t get us wrong, there are many perks to having a roommate. Obviously, one the biggest perks is advantage having a roommate is the ability to split the cost rent and utilities, which means you’ll be able to afford a nicer, larger apartment than you could if you were living by yourself. You can also split the cost other shared items, like groceries, and that’s always a plus. But picking the right roommate that aligns with your taste and ideals is the tricky part. Some folks just aren’t meant to share a space together for a long period time.

@Daylaco: This whole roommate thing is so dead, i hate sharing my space w others

Move Bih: 7 Celebs You Wouldn’t Want To Be Roommates With

@cateblanchettt: The only time I hate sharing a bathroom with my current roommate is right now when she just went in there and I was about to shower

Speaking imperfections, people tend to think celebs are perfect people that never do anything wrong or annoying. But quite the contrary. We’ve put together a list celebs that you probably love, but would never want to share a living space with. Hit the flip to check it out.