Nico Cartosio Releases The Highly Anticipated ‘Cocaine March’

Nico Cartosio releases a second composition - this one is titled “Cocaine March.”

In this particular composition, Nico’s work exudes a mysterious alchemy that keeps it far removed from beige muzak to encompass something darker, haunting and deeply emotional. Check out his first ever public record on YouTube; titled Snow Above The Earth (Requiem For The Tunes Unplayed).

Nico’s work is often created as result of a deep meditative process - we’re told. Inspired by his wild surroundings, he composes tracks with rich orchestral flourishes and a newfound pulsating percussion that explore various elements within his work.

There were of course many others taking part in perfecting this achingly beautiful piece. Frank Ricotti, was behind the percussions of countless Hollywood blockbusters. World renowned Gavin Greenaway (Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator) was the orchestra conductor. Also joining, was one of the most celebrated pianists worldwide, John Lenehan.  Last but not least, reputed soloist and violinist John Mills, and Harpist and Head of Harp Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Skyla Kanga, complete this exclusive all-star team. Talk about a lineup of stars. Cocaine March was record in Abbey Road Studio in London.

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