Peter Andre wants to protect his kids from "negativity"

Peter Andre has opened up about parenting, revealing he wants to protect his children Junior and Princess from "any negativity".

Andre told OK! Magazine: "I'm dealing with everything that's going on at the moment, but I think it's very important to deal with these things privately and I'm doing so. Making sure my kids are protected and away from any negativity is my main priority."

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He also discussed how he handles his kids asking him about headlines, saying he tries "to be as honest as [he] can be".

"I just want to keep the kids protected," he continued.

Still, Andre added that his children "think [he's] the coolest dad in the world". He explained: "I have an incredible job which allows me to do some fabulous things and one of those things is being an ambassador for Universal and now for the Florida Tourist Board.

"The reason I'm so buzzing is because my kids think I'm the coolest dad in the world as I get to take them."

Earlier this year, following a flurry of tabloid rumours, Katie Price confirmed that Princess and Junior are now living with their dad.

A spokesperson for the model and reality star said that Katie and Peter had made the decision together, focusing on "what is best for the children".

Read the full story in this week's OK! Magazine – out today.