Robbie Savage confirms Jeff Brazier is married

Ex-footballer and current presenter Robbie Savage has confirmed that his co-Saturday Morning Savage host Jeff Brazier has married long-term girlfriend Kate Dwyer.

Savage recently took to Twitter to announce the news and send his best wishes to the newly married couple, although he did add that he expects Brazier to be back to work next week.

The tweet read: "Best of luck to one of our team @jeffbrazier who's not on the show today cos he's getting married to @katedwyerPR. Have a great day both of you but make sure you're back next week mate! Only one Saturday allowed off during the season!"

Brazier and Dwyer got married in a romantic Portuguese clifftop ceremony.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, Brazier recalled the moment he laid eyes on Dwyer while filming This Morning, stating: "I remember trying to deliver my lines for This Morning and seeing Kate in her bikini out of the corner of my eye. That week did more than confirm I was attracted to her."

He also touched on whether they will extend their family together. "We've discussed it, it's going to happen. I think we're working our way to it," he said.

"What's going to be exciting to me is seeing the kids as older brothers, they'll be incredible. And it'll teach them about other responsibilities for them.

"It'll be fantastic for me too, I'll get to experience parenting within a relationship and actually be married, because I haven't experienced that".