Robby Vee At His Best In New Album Double Spin

Robbe Vee’s new album Double Spin definitely gives it a run for its money, with each song crafted meticulously with a striking detail-oriented approach, something we won’t even notice when listening to the record, so much it takes us through a dynamic and fun musical journey.

His natural talent makes it seem so easy and flowing, like in the dynamic “Monsoon Sunset”, one of our many favourite tracks from Double Spin. Dispatching an infectious rhythm perfectly complementing Robby Vee’s inventive and highly mastered vocals, this album is one of his most polished so far, which proves that even greatly skilled musicians always find the ambition to improve and deliver greater works every single time. No matter how you listen to this album, in one shot without interruption or shuffling through, Robby Vee’s magnetic aura will make you come back to it time and time again.