Ryan Gosling visits cafe with a cardboard Ryan Gosling

A small Toronto cafe had a simple dream – Grinder Coffee didn't want fame or riches, it just wanted to meet Ryan Gosling.

In light of the First Man actor's trip to Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival, Grinder Coffee launched a 10-day Twitter campaign full of *all* the Ryan Gosling cardboard cut-out moments to get him to come in for a coffee... and it WORKED!

As part of its master plan to meet the La La Land actor, the coffee shop wrote 365 letters a series of tweets featuring photos of a cardboard Ryan hanging around the cafe, starting with the announcement of the campaign on Twitter.

And then the local media coverage.

Then, by day four, an employee photoshoot commences as the nerves set in.

By day six – still no word from Ryan – tensions are clearly at an all-time high and sanity is beginning to unravel as flat-Ryan is put down for a nap.

And by day nine (with just one day left), Grinder Coffee is starting to act like the guy from Bumble who won't take the hint that you're ghosting him.

But by day 10 – glorious day 10 – Ryan shows up in the flesh, because he NEVER lets a Canadian homie down.