Snap Unveils Savvy Partnerships with Pandora and TuneMoji

Several months ago, Instagram unveiled a new feature.

Following long-term licensing deals with major labels and Merlin, Facebook launched music stickers on Instagram.  Users could now share a sticker of songs, playlists, and albums currently streaming on music apps, including Spotify.

The company has also launched a slew of other music features.  Sound Collection, for example, lets users insert licensed audio clips into Facebook and Instagram videos.  Lip Sync Live, a direct clone of, allows users to select a popular song and sing along to it.

Plus, the company most recently launched its own YouTube competitor, complete with monetization features for artists  – IGTV.

Not content with falling behind, Instagram competitor Snapchat has unveiled two new partnerships that may help it take on Facebook and head on.

Messaging with the sound of music.

TuneMoji, an app that allows users to send music GIFs with sound on messaging platforms, has partnered with Snap.

On the Snapchat app, users can now send GIFs with music for looping videos.  They can share music GIFs in a chat or a Snapchat story.  Snap has enabled the partnership its SnapKit platform for developers.

Speaking about TuneMoji, James Fabricant, Founder and CEO, explained,