Solo: A Star Wars Story Actor Shares New Details About the Troubled Production

Weeks away from its May 25 release and still sight unseen, it’s fair to say that Solo: A Star Wars Story already arrives as one the more problem-plagued big-budget movies in recent memory. In June, after completing at least three-quarters principal photography on the stand-alone prequel — which traces the early, pre–Mos Eisley adventures Harrison Ford’s iconic space-smuggler character Han Solo — original co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired by Lucasfilm studio boss Kathleen Kennedy over “creative differences.” Days later, Ron Howard was hired to finish the film. Rumors ricocheted around Hollywood that the script was “unworkable” and that star Alden Ehrenreich was struggling to nail his impersonation Ford, compelling some fans to preemptively revolt.

Vulture spoke to an actor who worked on Solo — for four months under the direction Miller and Lord last year, and beginning in October with Howard — who provided a blow-by-blow. Although not one the film’s marquee stars, this source was in a prime position to observe the directors’ contrasting on-set modi operandi. And according to his description, the production was divided into two distinct chapters: one disorganized and chaotic, the other controlled and efficient.