Spice Girls’ Emma Bunton says the group has grown strong as a four-piece

Spice Girls star Emma Bunton has opened up how well she, Mel C, Mel B and Geri Horner have adjusted to being without former bandmate Victoria Beckham since their reunion earlier this year – and how they'll probably carry on as a band without her.

"Having done the stadium tour, we felt really strong as a four-piece," she told The Sun. "That is probably what we will stick to now."

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While the 43-year-old was adamant that they're likely to stay as a foursome for the foreseeable future, Bunton was quick to add that they'd welcome Posh Spice back if she wanted to join in for a particular show later down the line.

"That would be amazing," she gushed. "But I’m not sure it’s what she has in mind."

Bunton – aka Baby Spice – went on to say that she's desperate to hit the road again, but understands that it's difficult carving out touring time when they're all mothers now.

Spice Girls' Emma Bunton says the group has grown strong as a four-piece
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"We talk about doing other stuff. I personally would love to get a move on," she said.

"I just think our show is ready so I want to give them a kick up the bum say, 'Come on, let's do this.' But we've got kids at school and we'd love them to come, so we just have to make sure it's right for everyone."