Stacey Solomon hits back at mum-shamers as she “clears up some of the myths” about weaning

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon is no stranger to responding to social media trolls, having recently hit back at people who called her family "broken" because her children have different fathers.

Now Stacey has responded to more social media critics after she was accused of wanting to wean her five-month-old son Rex onto solid foods too early as she shared some photos of Rex eating a bowl of mashed broccoli for the first time.

"And so it begins..." she captioned the (frankly, adorable) photos. "Our weaning journey has officially started. First stop steamed and blended broccoli."


Stacey had discussed weaning Rex before, so after some commenters starting suggesting that Rex was too young to start eating solid food, Stacey recruited nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed to "clear up some of the myths" about weaning.

"Last time I spoke about weaning, lots of people were concerned about him not being exactly six months yet and I just thought I'd clear up some of the myths," Stacey explained on her Instagram stories ( The Sun).

In the video, Charlotte explained that while "the recommendation is around six months of age", it's all about picking up on the signs that the baby is ready to start exploring solid foods.

And, according to the nutritionist, Rex is "definitely" ready, because he can "sit up for a little bit [and] hold up his head and neck steady".

Myths firmly settled, Stacey then proceeded to feed her son – and quickly called Rex's reaction to the broccoli "the funniest thing ever".

"I forgot how much fun this is," Stacey wrote. "He absolutely loved playing with the food and his spoon, I'm not sure what he thought about the eating part.

"I cant wait to introduce loads of different foods and have him at the dinner table with us. Well done Rexy we love you to the moon and back. And thank @sr_nutrition for giving me the best advice and for being here on such a special day."