Style Kween: Mya’s Videos Foreshadowed Hella Fashion Trends Back In The Day

When you talk about icons the 90’s and 2000’s, Mya‘s name ten goes unmentioned — but real ones know the work she’s put into the game.

As far as being ahead her time, the singer even went Vegan before it was the cool thing to do:


Most us still vibe out to classic Mya tracks, but no one talks about how her some the fashion in her videos was ahead its time. An article by Graziadescribeded the singer, saying:

“Her name is synonymous with low-rise studded flares, an ever-present midriff and the woman who penned those “single, sexy and free / making my own money” lyrics”

Check out some the fashion trends the singer rocked in the 90’s and 2000’s that made a comeback.

Tiny Round Shades



Chunky Sneakers

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