The Cutest North West Moments Ever, From Her Hating Paparazzi To Craving The Spotlight

As the OG Kardashian-West child, North West has been in the spotlight for her entire life–and luckily for her, it looks like she’s really growing into it.

Even though North has always been an absolutely adorable little one, she hasn’t always taken to the superstar life bestowed upon her by her famous parents. During the earlier years her life, North was known to snarl at cameras just like her daddy, running from the paparazzi every chance she got. But now, her views have changed a little bit, and it seems like the almost 6-year-old North we know today is more into the spotlight than ever.

Just today, North and her mom decided to put Kim Kardashian’s maternity leave to good use by making a music video for the hottest song out right now, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.”

Even though there’s a good chance that Saint and Chicago (and the new baby) are also at home during the production this video, it says a lot that North wanted to star in this one by herself. Kim is always mentioning that North isn’t the biggest fan her little brother, so it’s really no surprise that she wanted her debut music video to be a solo effort–well, beside the intro Kim assisted with.

In honor this brand new display North’s adorable creativity, let’s take a look at some her other shining moments throughout the past few years:

North’s love fashion is everything, and this sequence photos that ends with her crying is absolute gold. We all played in our mom’s closet as a kid, but her selection is definitely a lot more extensive than most ours.