Thor: Ragnarok – 5 Marvel Heroes Who Don't Want God Of Thunder's Hands (Or Hammer) [Win A Thor: Ragnarok Prize Now!] –

With the new release Thor: Ragnarok on Digital HD and Blu-ray nationwide, it has some us thinking – what Marvel heroes wouldn’t want none the God Thunder? That question alone is probably making the diehards want to fight me in a Comic Con setting.

Debate me all you want. I’m down for the convo, so let’s get into it. Here are five Marvel heros who don’t want to throw down with Thor. Check out each hero and enter to win your own copy Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok – The Art the Movie book].

1. Black Panther

Yes, the King Wakanda wouldn’t want to take the fight to Thor. His vibranium suit is one thing, but he wouldn’t need Mjolnir to put the panther to sleep.

2. Spider Man

The friendly neighborhood Spider Man was at one point in time one the strongest heroes in the Marvel universe, then came Thor to drop the hammer on that nerd. (Pun intended)

3. Daredevil

Daredevil is dope, I agree. Especially now he’s been revamped in the way he has. Thor, has strength and fighting ability rivaling that the Incredible Hulk. Daredevil is also human, Thor is a God. Not even close with this one.

4. Iron Man

Tony Stark usually has a solution to most situations much like Batman and his contingency plans. Stark has yet to figure out how he would take out the God Thunder. Iron Man would more than likely be taken care quickly.

5. Green Goblin

If he can’t get through Spider Man, why would he think he’s got a chance against the God Thunder. Thor probably wouldn’t even need Mjolnir to take down this super villain. Goblin would catch those hands from Thor and more than likely be put through New York City.

Black Panther would probably put up the best fight because the power the Black Panther is strong. That’s where it ends though. I know you all are as excited as I am to finally bring Thor: Ragnarok home. Go out and cop this one, or hop on iTunes, Amazon Prime, or whichever platform you desire. Stay tuned for more to come, Ready Player One, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and much more.