Ticketmaster Issues a Statement on Scalper Collusion Charges

Yesterday, we reported on an undercover investigation that exposed that Ticketmaster had its personal underground ticket-scalping operation.  Now, the corporate is responding.

A consultant was caught on movie pitching a reseller service referred to as TradeDesk and admitted that Ticketmaster doesn't test for bot accounts.  In reality, they’re overtly permitting a number of scalper accounts, and protecting a bit of the upside.  Resellers utilizing the TradeDesk platform enable Ticketmaster to double-dip on charges.

One music trade veteran referred to as the incident a “public relations nightmare” for the corporate. Early this morning, Ticketmaster issued an announcement responding to the allegations.

The assertion additional addresses the worker caught on tape, saying Ticketmaster doesn’t condone the feedback made by the worker and the conduct described within the video violates Ticketmaster’s phrases of service.  Ticketmaster is promising to conduct an inside investigation of reseller accounts.

But possibly that’s like asking Bernie Madoff to conduct a rigorous inside audit of accounts.

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Ticketmaster has been cautious to consult with its relationship with ticket scalpers as “skilled resellers,” however this undercover report highlights why it’s so laborious to get tickets to in style occasions like BTS within the first place.  In reality, this fastidiously worded response addresses solely their insurance policies, and never the accusation that the corporate seems to be the opposite means when violations of its coverage happen.

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