Undercover Investigation Reveals Ticketmaster Willingly Supports Scalpers

Undercover Investigation Reveals Ticketmaster Willingly Supports Scalpers

A brand new undercover investigation from CBC News and the Toronto Star has revealed what clients have long-suspected: Ticketmaster is working hand-in-hand with scalpers.

Back in July, the CBC despatched reporters undercover to Ticket Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, which is a conference designed for dwell leisure trade executives.  The reporters posed as scalpers with hidden cameras connected to their our bodies whereas recording themselves being pitched on Ticketmaster’s skilled reseller program.

That members-only program is named TradeDesk, billed as ‘The Most Power Ticket Sales Tool. Ever.”

Here’s a clip of what transpired.

The Ticketmaster consultant who spoke to the reporters mentioned that Ticketmaster’s resale unit turns a blind eye to scalpers who use bots and pretend IDs to purchase tickets to resell for inflated costs.

One gross sales rep says he has “brokers which have actually a few hundred accounts, it’s not one thing that we have a look at or report.”

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The reporters additional revealed a device that permits scalpers to sync their Ticketmaster accounts to their on-line resale operation on websites like StubHub, Vivid Seats, and Ticketmaster.com.

CBC shared its findings with Alan Cross, who hosts the radio program The Ongoing History of New Music. Cross says this revelation goes to be a “public relations nightmare” for Ticketmaster. That’s just about an understatement, contemplating a number of the reactions on social media to this information.

Ticketmaster is successfully double-dipping on charges by charging the scalper charges for the preliminary ticket buy after which once more when the ticket is re-sold at the next value by way of its “verified resale” platform by itself web site.

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Ticketmaster says they reserve the suitable to cancel accounts tied to the identical particular person and a number of bot purchases, however the Ticketmaster resale representatives mentioned his division doesn't share that info with Ticketmaster’s main enterprise aspect.