Video of Miami rapper Khaotic​​​​​​​305 doing a Hit and Run then fleeing from cops, loaded gun found in trunk –

Popular Miami rapper Khaotic305 was arrested back in August for a Hit and Run incident where he fled the scene. Police body cam footage captured the whole ordeal and it look pretty bad. In the video you can see two of Khaotic305 victims stuck in their cars crying from the impact of crash that deployed the airbags. Khaotic305 who’s real name is Rubin McFadden was also seen on the bodycam footage begging he be let go from the police van because he was have an anxiety attack. Of course the cop laughed him off and said paramedics will be there.

According to police, McFadden ran several red lights and ran his Chrysler 300 into another car, injuring the driver and her passenger. McFadden drove his car until it was disabled about a block away and then he fled on foot. Officers tracked him down on foot and he was arrested. During a search of his car, police also found a gun in the trunk.

Full Arrest video: