Video of Pastor sexually groping Ariana Grande During Aretha Franklin Funeral Service –

The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin was laid to rest this week and from the funeral we have some shocking video. In the video Bishop Charles H. Ellis III got pretty sexual and uncomfortable with Ariana Grande while standing on stage together.

While introducing Ariana Grande on stage the Bishop said “I’ve got to apologize because I have to brush up. My 28-year-old daughter tells me, ‘Dad! You are old at 60, […] When I saw Ariana Grande on the program, I thought that was a new something at Taco Bell.”

While joking around with Ariana, it appears that Bishop Ellis gropes the songstress whose facial expression doesn’t seem to emote comfort with the situation. Although laughs were exchanged, many are calling out Bishop Ellis for his apparent groping.

Video of The Groping