Who Is the Employee ‘Sleeping Around With Everybody’ in the White House?

Let’s just say what happens in the West Wing doesn’t, uh, exactly stay in the West Wing, especially if one its former employees decides to embark on a revived reality show career. Teasing a political workplace full pleasures and desires on this week’s Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa Manigault began the episode by clarifying that she never, ever slept with President Donald Trump. “Hell no! Of course not,” she said, when asked point-blank by Housewives star Brandi Glanville. “Brandi, that’s horrible.” However, Manigault was more than happy to reveal another bit 1600 Penn gossip instead: “Somebody” who works there is “sleeping around with everybody,” and it’s an open secret. Or as Manigault puts it: “But she is not me … I’ve never had to do that.” Oh la la! Place your bets.