Who's the Major Label CEO Who Said That Dr. Luke Raped Katy Perry?
An unnamed major label CEO is now accused claiming that Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry.  Which CEO might that be?

An ugly lawsuit is now getting uglier — and roping Katy Perry and an unnamed ‘major label CEO’ into the mud.  In the latest turn, “TiK ToK” artist Kesha is accused to texting Lady Gaga a nasty rumor alleging that Dr. Luke had raped Katy Perry.  But apparently the false allegation started with a a major label CEO, whose identity remains hidden.

The CEO has apparently also denied uttering the rumor.  But in their exchange, both Lady Gaga and Kesha already clearly believed the rumor to be true.

“With respect to the recent story regarding Katy Perry, the statement that Dr. Luke assaulted her came from the CEO a major record label, and was told by that executive at the same time to Kesha and Lady Gaga,” a statement from Kesha’s legal outfit declares.

Variety’s Jem Aswad first tipped the story.

The initial defamation lawsuit against Kesha seeks tens millions in damages.

After Kesha stated that Dr. Luke had sexually assaulted her, Dr. Luke fought back with a $50 million defamation lawsuit.  In the lawsuit, Dr. Luke denounces Kesha’s statement that she was given drugs against her will and raped.  The same allegations were rumored for Katy Perry.

Strangely, the Kesha-Gaga correspondence was entered into court documents by Luke’s legal team.  However, that same team subsequently  told Kesha and her attorneys that they “should be ashamed themselves.” In a statement to Billboard, Luke’s lawyers declared the following:

The accusations were proven to be untrue after Perry denied them.  But according to Kesha’s legal team, the text exchange was only acquired and “publicly disseminated in the midst Luke’s defamation suit against Kesha.”

“Dr. Luke disclosed the private conversation between Kesha and Lady Gaga for no purpose other than to attack, harass, and ultimately bankrupt Kesha,” the statement continues.

“His claim that Kesha’s private one-on-one text message about a statement from a record label CEO (to someone who had already heard the same statement) caused damages for which Kesha should be held liable is baseless.”