WorldstarHipHop fires J who ran the site after Q's death claiming Jwshh stole over $2 Million dollars –

One of the biggest website’s in the world has just fired one of its founding members. J better known by his social media handle @Jwshh was reportedly fired for stealing money from the site. was originally created and founded by it’s ceo Q, but unfortunately Q died in his sleep leaving the site to his family. J was Q’s righthand man and after Q’s death J ran the site for the family who was awarded the site Q’s will.

The family claims that J was stealing money from unsigned artist clients who would pay him directly and he would not pay the family their cut. Worldstar reportedly Charges anywhere from $800-$8,000 for 1 post. We reached out to J, but have not heard anyword from him. The family is claiming J stole close to $2 Million dollars in profit from them.

As a result of this J has deleted all of his social media. His instagram and twitter no longer exist.