Yuno Verse Shares His Intimate Creation With The World  Listen & Watch : “Walls of White”

Armed with illustrious tones and broad, sweeping production, the new single from Yuno Verse, "Walls Of White", boasts a rich, old-soul vocal, whilst centering on themes of life, music and its various pitfalls.

Speaking on the loose concept of fitting in, the Netherlands based singer-songwriter focus is to stand out, instead of following the crowd. Showing his skills in a personal creation, Yuno hopes that his story will inspire others to push through the hardships and focus on their primary vision. As a struggling artists, he had to endure a lot in order to make it this far.

Respecting all forms of art, Yuno’s upcoming debut project Massimo’s Pigeon is inspired by culinary arts. We're expecting big things from the artist in the very near future. Get to know him more via his personal Instagram.